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How to Find the Truth ?.

tIn every religion, there may be lots of  ways, for attaining the truth. But the more you try to seek and find the truth, the more their ways get complicated (or) out of focus.

In the 'Holy Bible', the living word says  'Indeed you become free, if the Son (of God) sets you free'. This secret is found sooner or later even by the  non-christians and they accepted  Christ as their personal savior and followed him secretly, and yes, they did not convert to 'christian' religion immediately for fear of persecution from their family members and relatives. Hence,  they were  called as 'secret christians'. But there were some who were bold enough to talk about Christ's love in the beginning itself, when they had seen a touching vision directly from Lord - they were not afraid to talk about the same amongst the relatives and friends and due to that, got rejected by them. One classic example can be given - the Apostle of  the Bleeding Feet - Mr. Sadhu Sunder Singh is one such follower of  Christ. He preached about this 'Truth' of Life, all his life, throughout India and also Foreign soil, including Japan. Still he loved to walk more time alone with God. He did not set up any mission school in his name, but instead followed his masters' footsteps, and sometimes even the people who saw his face, were amazed by the special shining glory, it displayed with God's Love. I remember studying about an incident in Tokyo, it goes like this ... when Sadhu Sundar Singh was walking in the streets of  Tokyo... a school girl mistook him to our Lord Jesus himself, and cried loudly to her friends as  'Jesus has Come, Jesus has Come' and this surely says a lot about the fact, of his gracious and loving  Face, which our Lord has blessed him with.  

So, Where and How can you find the 'truth' ?   Just pick up a copy of  'Holy Bible'  and start reading it. If you are new to this, just take a copy of the 'New Testament' and read the first four Gospels namely  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you will get an idea. Do not waste your precious time. It might be too late, if you miss this opportunity... because very soon days are coming, when it will be difficult to even get these living words in open market. so, keep them memorised in your heart and speak to others about the same, whenever you get the opportunity !!.

May  your  thoughts and action be always pleasing to the Heavenly Father ! 

Glory to God in the HIGHEST

Articles composed by  Samuel Peter J.